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Subsidiary Assistance for Negeri Sembilan Children Students (B40) 2019

List of Appraiser Lecturer for Industrial Training Students Session December 2018

Letter of Endorsement and Evaluation of Industrial Training Session December 2018

Short Semester Quality Activity 2019

Important Dates For Student References Concerning Final Examination Result Session December 2018

Briefing on Industrial Training Session June 2019

Final Examination Timetable of the Malaysian Polytechnic of Session December 2018

Approval of PTPTN Application

Academic Calendar December Session 2018

Quality Activities Calendar December Session 2018

Tender Offer Statement Preparation Service Points, Exhibits and PA System in POLIMAS

Support Notice (CIDOS Backup Platform) and CIDOS Platform Backup & Restore Procedures

Downtime Notice Polytechnic eLearning Portal (CIDOS)

Draft on Final Examination Schedule December 2017 Session

Calendar of Sports, Co-Curricular and Cultural Units

Co-Curriculum Course Registration December 2017 Session

Special EKSA Auditing on Work Area

Advertisement on Educational Loan from Pahang Foundation for November 2017 Session

Campus (Student) Election Notice

Offer of Hostel Accommodation for Senior Student of December 2017 Session



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