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Department Of General Studies


Department of General Studies or Jabatan Pengajian Am (JPA) consists of an English Language Unit (ELU) and a Unit Pengajian Islam dan Moral (UPIM). JPA functions as a supporting department that coordinates the curriculum for Communicative English, Pengajian Islam, Pendidikan Moral and Pengajian Malaysia. In general, it conducts compulsory and elective courses for the four main departments in POLIMAS. JPA also provides education to students to face realities in their lives through the use of language skills and strong religious background.


  • Head of Department                  :  Munawira binti Saharani
  • Head of ELU                                :  Nuzaimah binti Muda
  • Head of UPIM                              :  Mohamad Shahril bin Zainuddin
  • Number of Teaching Staff          :  17 = UPIM, 17 = ELU.  TOTAL = 34


    DUE1012 - Communicative English 1

    DUE3012 - Communicative English 2

    DUE5012 - Communicative English 3


    MPU1012 -  Kursus Pengajian Malaysia (JTMK)

    MPU2012 -  Kursus Pengajian Islam (JTMK)

    MPU2022 -  Kursus Pendidikan Moral (JTMK)

    DUB1012 -  Kursus Pengajian Malaysia

    DUB2012 -  Kursus Nilai Masyarakat Malaysia

    DUA2022 -  Kursus Pengurusan Dalam Islam

    DUA2012 -  Kursus Sains, Teknologi dan Kejuruteraan Dalam Islam

    DUA6022 -  Kursus Komunikasi dan Penyiaran Dalam Islam



Contact Us 

Polytechnic Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam
Bandar Darulaman,
06000 Jitra, Kedah Darulaman.
Tel : 04-9146100 
Fax : 04-9174232 / 04-9146323
Email: webmaster@polimas.edu.my
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