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Department Of Mathematic,Science and Computer


The Department of Mathematics, Science and Computer (JMSK) is one of the supportive departments in Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Polytechnic. The department is run  by 30 lecturers who are graduates from local and foreign universities from various academic background. Below are the  main personnel of the department.

Head of Department                           : En. Ismail bin Abdul Talib

Assistant Head of Department           : Pn. Saadiah binti Saad

Head of Mathematics Course             : Pn. Normah binti Adnan

Head of Science Course                     : En. Noor Affande bin Abdul Rahman

Head of Computer Course                  : Pn. Che Rohalan binti Ahmad

This department is responsible for handling the Pre-Diploma Programme which was formerly named as the Foundation Programme. The programme is established as a platform to help less qualified students to further their studies to a higher education level.

The department teaches subjects for the Civil, Electrical  and Mechanical Engineering courses such as Mathematics Engineering for Semester 1 - Semester 3 and Engineering  Science for Semester 1.  Computer Applications  is offered as an elective course for all programmes. JMSK also teaches Mathematics subjects for Semester 1 students from the Department of Information and Communication Technology.

The courses taught by JMSK lecturers are basic courses yet they are important and consistent with the mission of POLIMAS in shaping and moulding the quality of the semi-professional labour produced.


Provide excellent education in related subjects like Mathematics, Science and Computer and aims to produce graduates who are competent, virtuous, responsible and economically viable.


To assist the main departments in providing quality training programmes  handled by trained lecturers and professionals to produce semi-professional workforce quality to meet the needs of public and private sectors in Malaysia.


The implementation of the teaching and learning of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science combines both theoretical teaching and practical teaching ( computer laboratory activities) methods.. Teaching and learning are carried out with the help of teaching aids such as the use of modules, computers and others.



Contact Us 

Polytechnic Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam
Bandar Darulaman,
06000 Jitra, Kedah Darulaman.
Tel : 04-9146100 
Fax : 04-9174232 / 04-9146323
Email: webmaster@polimas.edu.my
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