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System & Information Technology Unit

System & Information Technology Unit (USTM) was established in 2001 when the position of System Officer & Information Technology was created in POLIMAS. In fact, the posts in the ICT section of POLIMAS have been added from time to time. Currently, this unit is headed by a Senior Information Technology Officer (F44) assisted by three Information Technology Officers (F44), six Assistant Information Technology Officers (FA29) and two Computer Technician (FT19).

Main objective

To provide ICT assistance and services for management, teaching and learning activities in POLIMAS.

The main functions of this unit are as follows:

  • Manage and oversee POLIMAS Campus Network System.
  • Managing and monitoring the Polytechnic Management Information System (PMIS / OPTIMIS)
  • Develop, supervise and update the polytechnic database system
  • Develop, monitor and update POLIMAS websites
  • Provide advice on ICT to all staff.

During the student registration process, the unit also provides the Student Registration System to facilitate and speed up student registration. In addition, this unit also develops the Student Co-curriculum System for the co-curriculum unit. Other regulated systems are e-SPKB, e-Procurement, HRMIS, Computerized Micro Systems, SISPEN and Government Asset Management Systems.

The POLIMAS Campus Network System Project under the ESSP project with the World Bank financial fund was fully completed in 2004. At the start of its operation, the POLIMAS campus network operates with 2 Mbps high speed Internet and high technology ICT installations. In 2005, under the "Crash Program" finances, ICT network equipment was added to new academic buildings and new Administrative Units. Along with the current needs and increasing number of staff at POLIMAS, in 2008 POLIMAS upgraded the speed of the Internet's own line speed to 4 Mbps which enables all staff to work more effectively. By upgrading the Internet, several ICT facilities and services can be offered to POLIMAS staff such as Wireless Internet, Video Conference and CCTV.

In November 2010, the Internet line at POLIMAS was upgraded under the Malaysia R & D Network (MYREN) Phase 2A project which involved 20 polytechnics and 20 community colleges fully funded by the Malaysian government. To date, under the MYREN project, the Internet line at POLIMAS operates at 10MB (Metro-E) bandwidth capacity. The MYREN project uses the concept of "dedicated network linking research and education entities" throughout Malaysia with Internet routing according to the zone and each zone is centered on the MYREN Core Network.

To ensure effectiveness of service, USTM has provided a ICT Help System (http://ustmhelpdesk.polimas.edu.my) for the use of POLIMAS staff. Users may submit online complaints or applications to USTM. The use of official email is required in making a complaint. Every complaint and application will be provided with a unique Complaint Number to ensure the complainant can review the status of the complaint or the application that has been made.Please refer to the Terms of Use of the ICT Assistance System for assistance.




Contact Us 

Polytechnic Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam
Bandar Darulaman,
06000 Jitra, Kedah Darulaman.
Tel : 04-9146100 
Fax : 04-9174232 / 04-9146323
Email: webmaster@polimas.edu.my
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