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Administration and Finance Unit

The Administrative Unit of POLIMAS is a unit that manages support services administration (House Keeping) to the management of Education and Learning (P & P) in POLIMAS.

Administrative Unit is headed by Senior Executive Officer. There are 4 small units below

  • Administrative Unit led by Assistant Accountant
  • Chief Administrative Assistant
  • Chief Supervisor
  • Central Hostel Dormitory and Administrative Assistant (Kew).

The Administrative Office is currently in the new building of the Administration. However, Central Store and the hostel is on a separate block.

The Administration Unit officially has several Small Units under it which include: -

a) General Small Units.

This Small Unit manages general administration covering;

  • Correspondence and File.
  • Acceptance of Mail and its distribution
  • Meeting Room Reservation
  • Vehicle reservation
  • All matters relating to the General Administration

b) Establishment and Service Unit

This Small Unit manages all Personnel and Services matters;

  • Appointment, Confirmation of Services, Placement in Retirement and Retirement Services.
  • Management of Service and Personalized Record of Books.
  • Management of Job-Related Reports
  • Management of Statement of Changes relating to the Services
  • Staff Information System Handling (SMS)
  • Handling of Personnel Information System (SISPEN)
  • Disciplinary Management
  • Promotion Management
  • Management of Examinations in the Service

c)Finance and Accounts Unit.

The Small Unit handles all matters relating to Finance and Account such as;

  • Preparation of Financial Budget
  • Payroll Management and Allowance
  • Revenue Collection and Rental Management
  • Payment Management
  • Management of Housing Loans, Vehicles and Computers.
  • Accounting Management
  • Management of responses to financial audit queries.

d) Small Central Store Unit

This Small Unit manages and operates the Store and the Procurement of Goods;

  • Management of goods purchases and goods receipts
  • Stock Storage, Capital Property List and Inventory
  • Stockpiling
  • Disposal of goods

E)Dormitory Supervision Unit

This Small Unit manages the management of the hostel in cooperation with the Warden;

  • Sanitation, Safety and Security Supervision
  • Source control; Staff, Inventory, Equipment and Property.
  • File Management, Correspondence, Data, Records and Host-based Reports.



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