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Department of Student Affairs


1. Management of Educational Scholarships & Loans 

There are several sponsorship can be applied for by students according to the qualifications and conditions specified. Among the main sponsor in POLIMAS are PTPTN, JPA and Kouk FOUNDATION Scholarship. 

  1.1 The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) 

         Online PTPTN website www.ptptn.gov.my 
         Inquiry : 03-2098 3128 

         Initial preparations before applying

         It is informed that starting January 2012, students who wish to apply for education funding from the national higher education fund (PTPTN) must acquire a National Education Savings Scheme (SSPN) account               with minimum savings of rm20.00

         The opening of SSPN Accounts through Maybank is encouraged to facilitate and expedite the opening of accounts.

         The official account opening for Polytechnic is BIMB Account.

         The application requirements can be made through the website www.ptptn.gov.my.

  1.2 List Sponsor For Diploma Level

         Public Service Department (PSD) 

         Kuok Foundation Berhad 

         Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) 

         Department of Native Affairs 
         State Foundation 
         Private Company 
         Help People with Disabilities (PWD) www.mehe.gov. 

         List of Other Sponsors 
         Kedah Scholarship Board 
         Kelantan Darul naim  state Foundation
         Selangor state foundation
         Perak state foundation
         Negeri Sembilan state foundation
         Penang State Government 
         Terengganu state Foundation 
         Pahang state foundation
         Johor Education Foundation 
         Majlis Agama Islam dan Adat Melayu Perak 
         Melaka State Foundation 
         Sabah State Foundation
         Sarawak State Foundation

Application for sponsorship can be made by visiting the states’ website , through the local newspaper or obtain the application form from the states departments. 

2. Student Discipline Management

POLIMAS students are subjected under the Institutions of Education (Discipline) Act 1976 (Act 174) and other regulations issued by POLIMAS from time to time. A guide book and the General Rules of the Ministry of Education of Polytechnic Students describing in detail the internal regulations practiced in POLIMAS is distributed to all new students. Various activities have been and are being organized to create awareness among students about the advantages of being a disciplined student. 
Students who violate the regulations will be penalized in accordance with Schedule V, Rule 48, Act Educational Institutions (Discipline) Act 1976 (Act 174). 

3. Students Insurance

It is to inform that students of Politeknik Sultan Abdul Halim are covered by Personal Accident Insurance by Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad. 

Insurance premiums are managed during registration by the Students affair unit at 
RM 15.00 [Ringgit Malaysia: Only fifteen years of study for every student.

If a student experiences an accident, please contact the Students affair unit as soon as possible for insurance claim purposes. Takaful are required to be informed within 21 days of the date of the accident.

Starting January 2011 Session the benefits derived from this insurance contribution are as follows:

  1. Accidental Death: RM 18 000.00
  2. Permanent Disability Permanent Disability: RM 18 000.00
  3. Medical Expenses: RM 2 000.00.
  4. Ward allowance RM 50.00 per day (maximum 30 days)

 To facilitate the claim, the following documents are required:

  1. Copy of Student Identity Card
  2. Police Reports
  3. Medical bills / receipts (Purchase of out-of-hospital medicines need doctor's instructions)
  4. Outbound Certificate (Discharge Note)
  5. Sick Holidays Certificate
  6. Death certificate: for cases involving death
  7. Permit burial: for cases involving death

Photo of the applicant before & after the accident: for accident involving permanent disability (focusing on permanent disability part).

If the student is in the following categories:

  • Repeats the semester
  • Defers study
  • Switched from other polytechnics to POLIMAS

Please inform the Student Affairs Unit as soon as possible to increase or renew their insurance coverage.

Health Care / fever / death and others. 

Students who require treatment at any hospital /

A government-owned health center can get a Letter of Treatment for students from their respective departments or from the Student Affairs Unit.

According to the Public Service Department letter with reference number JPA (S) 133/13 (64) dated 27 hb. January 1983, Polytechnic student is qualified to receive treatment and expertise facilities as well as free hospital facilities in second class ward in government hospitals.

Co-operation from all POLIMAS staff is expected to notify any of the following officers if any in case of any emergency:

Office Hours contact:

- Student Affairs Unit 04 - 9146131/6140

- Head of Department of Student Studies

- The student's Academic Advisor


Outside Office Hours contact:

- Student Affairs Officer (Welfare & Discipline) - Tel: 019-4745025

- Student Welfare Officer & Tel: 013-6295506

- Kamsis Principal / Head of Warden (Student staying at KAMSIS POLIMAS)

- Security Officer at Polimas Control Center.

Students who need treatment in any hospital / health center owned by the government can get the treatment of students from each department or from the Student Affairs Unit. According to the letter with the Public Service Department Reference number JPA (S) 133/13 (64) dated 27 th. January 1983, the Polytechnic student is qualified to receive treatment facilities and the expertise and facilities in hospitals free TWO wards in government hospitals. Cooperation of all citizens POLIMAS is expected to inform any of the following officers in the event of 
any disaster that befell students: 
Office Hours contact: 

- Student Affairs Unit 04 - 9146131/6140 
- Heads of the Department of student 
- student academic advisor respect 

Outside Office contact: 
- Employee Matters Students (Welfare and Discipline) - Tel: 
019-4745025 - Students & Welfare Officer Tel: 013-6295506 
- Kamsis Principal / Chief Warden (Students staying in KAMSIS POLIMAS) 
- Security officials in the Central Guard POLIMAS. 

5. Student Vehicle Registration

POLIMAS students who want to use a vehicle within the campus are required to register the vehicle at the Student Affairs Unit using the form provided. Special sticker according to the Study Session will be issued To registered vehicles.

For student vehicle registration, the following documents are required:

   i) A copy of the Student Identity Card

  ii) A copy of valid driving license

 iii) A copy of Road Tax (for motorcycles) and road tax deductions issued By the Road Transport Department (for cars).

The sticker issued must be pasted on the top right of the motorcycle or at the bottom left of the car windshield for easy Supervision by the security forces.

6.Student Welfare Fund 

The Student Welfare Fund is created to assist students who are facing financial problems while in POLIMAS. The main source of this fund is provision given by POLIMAS Student Affairs Department.

Application requirements:

  i) Priority is given to students who face unnecessary money constraints to overcome important needs such as payment of tuition fees or an accident.

 ii) The academic achievement is at a good level.

 iii) Students who are disciplinary or have disciplinary violation records are not eligible to apply.

 iv) Students are required to fill out an application form which can be obtained from the Student Affairs Unit. The application form contains the application form (2 copies), support from the Head of Department and 

      approval form and guarantee of guarantor.The loan rate is RM 200.00. This rate is subject to approval of the Members of the Student Welfare Fund meeting and the current financial position of the fund.

7.Student Representative Committee (JPP)

    7.1. The objectives of the establishment of JPP are:

  • Help students get facilities while maximizing the use of existing facilities.
  • Strive to diversify student activities.
  • Promote active participation of students in the implementation of each planned activity.
  • Distribute all the issues and suggestions regarding student welfare to the management.

   7.2. JPP Members:

       Open to all students registered in POLIMAS EXCEPT:

  1. Students who have not had their first exams at POLIMAS include the semester 5 integration students.
  2. Students with HPNM less than 2.75.
  3. Part time coursework.
  4. Students who have repeated the semester.
  5. Students who are pending a disciplinary hearing.
  6. Students who have been subject to disciplinary action.
  7. The above exception is void with the permission of the Chief Executive / Director

POLIMAS except items 1 and 2.

Due to some inevitable constraints such as the JPP Room which is in the process of approval for modifications, the current POLIMAS SRC activities cannot be fully activated. Efforts are being made to turn the SRC POLIMAS comparable to that has been active in other polytechnics. If there is any problem related to SRC POLIMAS, please contact SRC Advisor POLIMAS. 

Control of the New Students Orientation WeekThe new students’ orientation Week (MSK) is conducted by the Student Affairs Unit through The Main Committees established and agreed by the Director of PoliMAS.The program is assisted by the Facilitator which consists of a Student Representative Council. The main objective of MSK is to expose new students to the System of study at PoliMAS and help students to begin life as a new motivated student. 



Contact Us 

Polytechnic Sultan Abdul Halim Mu'adzam
Bandar Darulaman,
06000 Jitra, Kedah Darulaman.
Tel : 04-9146100 
Fax : 04-9174232 / 04-9146323
Email: webmaster@polimas.edu.my
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